‘Eondeonaintin’ debut team 9 person open.14 weeks long march ‘finish’


9 audition program ‘Eondeonaintin’ the last is first revealed. As to mBC ‘Eondeonaintin’ production crew, for 120 minutes MBC ‘Eondeonaintin’ finals live broadcasting stages were drawn as formal report data on 8th on the coming ninth from 6 p.m. The preliminary stone of 19 this days is creative with the features in which it grows more and more and it is the supporters the plan with the special stage everyday. As much as it is the finals live broadcasting stage, the performance showing the passion of the spare rocks is continued. The spare rocks as well as the stage the outfit are the mouth splendid like the finals. In the existing lower part of the belly image, the spare rocks decorate the last stage with the polished suite showing the winter clothes impression added the tux. After the finals live broadcasting stage ends, 9 final members especially having the idol debut ahead are once again the supporters the plan with 10 o’clock V special live ‘the supporters pulling out the Eondeonaintin debut group supervisory board- thanks’ live broadcasing afternoon everyday. The Eondeonaintin ‘ is increasing up to the tension for the order change. And as to online poll, to divide 9 final members the morning and afternoon is possible on the Imbc official site to the preliminary stone of 2 number Ssik, 3 people until p.m. 1 on 9th a day.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1745032.htm, 2019/02/08 14:53:43]