If the Oh Dynasty ♥ Dohun Kim is the passionate love in 20. The marriage, as to what is important.


The encouragement warm of the netizen toward the actor Oh Dynasty love for 20 years passionately and Kim Donghun pour. The Oh Dynasty mentioned Dohun Kim in the women magazine woman sense and interview at May last year and it confessed “the musical work met in 2000 for the first time”. After that, it explained about the first impression of Dohun Kim “I was invested in the middle and the boyfriend was the first year member. The women wrote the Bageulba writing to the around if Dohun Kim floated”, it was so busy with the year 2017 with the reason which appeared on the TvN variety program ‘the field talk show taxi’ and in which it doesn’t get married. Because of working, the year 18 passed the hook, it was so close and “***” now thought strangely all, the constant love was expressed. The marriage institution will not exist if the love the netizens was eternal of 2 in the passionate love news for 20 years. The en do the real love met by the moment which only it loves as the love is wonderful. (vick****) the model of “it is 20 and the marriage, as to what is the middle unguarded moment” (righ****) ” these days love Why the problem?it doesn’t get married ” (anmi****) is long met it is the man all good with the en There can be no interest in one that it is the marriage even if it loves. In the Oh Dynasty Nim ‘SKY Castle’, the smoke is so well the Bwat Eo. All Bonaen the cheer in their decisions and warm attention the flowery path the en and love the acting career writes ” be the Georeu city long (hann****) back comment to a comment Meantime, when being the gold bottom of the water the person of royal birth growing in the landlord father under, then the Oh Dynasty opened the parents Qin battle formation joy and anger disintegration hot rolling dreaming of the perfect learning manager in ended JTBC drama ‘SKY Castle’ (the script stringed U.S) on 1st.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1745000.htm, 2019/02/08 09:57:06]