… It becomes ‘the steam Ha of the second comes’ someoneThe high grade wrapper 3′ and participant silhouette opening to the public


The silhouette of the participants at ‘the high grade wrapper 3’ holds the expectancy of the preliminary audiences in reverence. The cable channel Mnet new variety program ‘the high grade wrapper 3’ opened the silhouette of the participants through the teaser on 8th. The school uniform was worn and the participants appeared in front of camera in the revealed image. In spite of being the short image showing the dress and face part, the unique atmosphere of each participant is felt and the aspiration of the program all Damget peeps the various story oves the characteristic teenager out. Moreover, the grim silhouette of the standing participants builds the tension. This ‘the high grade wrapper 3’ centered the attention of the world from the applicant recruitment stage. The video of the numerous applicants opened through SNS (the social relationship network service) got the large-scale attention. The on-line was hotly heated as much as there was the video exceeding 2 million hits to the broadcast former. The interest about the program is surging fully such as the fans who tell a forturn if the champion is someone already appear, etc. All strings the attention 0 the person of real ability wrapper, incumbent idol, Jae challenger of the topic, and etc. is a lot supported It arouses curiosity if any kind of applicant is selected with the final and really this ‘the high grade wrapper 3’ meets the audience. ‘the high grade wrapper’ repeated the season and the teenagers disentangled the talk and trouble, and etc. which it would like to do to the world with the rap and it listened to the hiphop till not only teenager but also older generation. All Geodwot the grade in which the private doing the Iro which the steam Ha is derived from the last ‘the high grade wrapper 2’ slept and it produced the back rising hip-hop stars, which ‘bang’ ‘bar code’ ‘north’ back contest tune is good in the sound source rank In this season, the appearance was determined by the Ri to be pushed the quiet-code is dominating Korean hip-hop scene Kkunseutteu, groovy room, and Ri Boy-keyed which and Mentor who the dishcloth-steps nose and ears will derive the potentiality of the high grade wrappers. Really the expectancy rises ‘the high grade wrapper’s challenging the victory will make into the story of powerful Mentor corps and I if it has any kind of features. The high grade wrapper 3’ is broadcasted on the coming 22nd at 11 p.m.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1745031.htm, 2019/02/08 14:34:22]