‘one first’… Grammy awards and bulletproof Boy Scouts presence official announcement


61 of me which the group bulletproof Boy Scouts (BTS member RM, Sugar, battle formation, second hop, Geemin, Bwi, and political situation) goes up Korean singer to U.S.A Grammy awards stage primally, like this, it reveals and 7 days (under local time) U.S.A Grammy awards (GRAMMY Awards) is opened in the official site and SNS channel come on February 10th City of Los Angles in USA Staples centerIt announced officially that bulletproof Boy Scouts attended the time Grammy awards as the prizewinner. The bulletproof Boy Scouts is the first time that Korean singer climbs the Grammy awards stage. The bulletproof Boy Scouts is planning to set out as the prizewinner between the reel cya KARA who is the successive generations Grammy awards prize winner (Alessia Cara), John mayor (John Mayer), and Me with the artists who the trainer (Meghan Trainor) back is international. It looks forward to attend the red carpet event prior to the awards ceremonyThe Grammy awards is selected as the U.S.A 3 shot music awards ceremony with the Billboard music awards and American music awards as the awards ceremony of the record industry highest authority which U.S.A recording academy (The Recording Academy) sponsors. The Grammy awards is transmitted live via U.S.A CBS broadcasting on the coming 10th. Meantime, the husky voice Fox designing the regularity 3 album LOVE the bulletproof Boy Scouts announces to the Grammy awards at May last year YOURSELF all ‘Tear’ which the album package rose to ‘the best recording package’ (Best Recording Package) section candidate this year.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1745007.htm, 2019/02/08 10:02:46]