‘smile’ in the tree pole balmy wind… TV


‘when there is no seen drama’ the sullen words was continued. The breeze is blowing on the tree pole. ‘the grace of Empress’ ‘poongsang Wae is overdoed’ ‘the sincerity arrives’ etc. majority drama imposes the energy upon TV. It is glad these days which the drama exceeding ten %daes of audience rating among TV drama on Wednesdays and Thursdays comes out with many simultaneously. SBS ‘the grace of Empress’ broadcasted the day before 14.5 % (under national standard) and KBS2 ‘poongsang Wae is overdoed’ recorded 12.7% self highest ratings according to the TV rating research firm Nielsen Korea on 8th. MBC ‘the spring comes’ ended up in 2.0% audience rating unfortunately. The ground wave and total standard was different. However, the itself the ended cable channel TvN ‘boyfriend’ showed 10.3 % (under Nielsen Korea · whole country · charge platform furniture standard) and final episode 8.7% audience rating most the most on the 24th of last month. The first follow-up ‘the sincerity arrives’, where it broadcasts moreover, 1 time 4.7%, 2 times 4.6% is recorded on 6th and it is going well. Really it was the drama aerial root recently. As appeared boom on the drought, the work which is over the audience rating 10% among the terrestrial TV series came out in last year. The sigh had been exploding before the end-of-year awards in the entertainment industry, including the drama group. This had an effect on the viewer and the drama choice and sesame oil width could not help getting cramped. The recovery of the tree pole cannot be among these not glad news. This is continued with the smile of the audience. There was no drama to be seen really and the number and on thursday worth seeing dramas come out and recently, the thirties women that surely it takes care of the TV series after leaving the office eulogy certain seed is good. If the interesting dramas came out much in the future, it will be good, the wind was expressed. SBS ‘big issue’ ‘Baegabondeu’, KBS2 ‘the doctor freeze hangs out’, MBC ‘deo banker’, and TvN ‘her private life’ etc. majority TV drama on Wednesdays and Thursdays is having the broadcasting for first half ahead. The expectancy leans the spirit of the balmy wind if as to inside, the tree pole gives present of the bright smile to the drama group as well as the inner room.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1745010.htm, 2019/02/08 11:58:07]