The Dohun Kim ‘to hope in 20’ secret of loveable ‘Jjijjin’ Oh Dynasty


The long life love secret attracts attention of the actor Oh Dynasty (42) playing a role of the popularity character ‘Jjijjin’ Jinjinhui of ‘the sky Castle’ in 20. The Oh Dynasty mentioned the musical actor from acting lecturer Dohun Kim which is the boyfriend among the general programming channels JTBC Geumto drama ‘the sky Castle’ end commemoration interview proceeding on 7th. In the meantime, the attention of the world was concentrated in the love of 2 people. The Oh Dynasty expressed the special affection toward Dohun Kim in the interview this day proceeding “the hot relationship was already passed between man and woman” “perfect my party”. All Bahyeot the secret which there is no tries in order to entertain the opponent always” the period of lassitude, keeps the long life loveDohun Kim who is the long sweetheart of the Oh Dynasty is the smoke instructor of the former actor. Eulmisabyeon made the year in the commemoration original musical ’empress Myongsong’ in 1995 in the 100th anniversary. 2 people developed after sweetheart. The love of the Oh Dynasty and Dohun Kim was known in the cable channel TvN variety program ‘the field talk show taxi’ broadcasted last August 2017. It appeared on this program as the guest at that time and as to Oh Dynasty, ” boyfriend and love did the year 18. It was not one where there is the problem and there was no time which was busy and arranges the marriage, it confessed and the passionate love fact with Dohun Kim was opened. He said in appeared ‘the life bar’ “when there was no period of lassitude” at June last year and the affection for Dohun Kim was expressed. Still, Oh country to the Dohun Kim “be excited” The public concern and cheer is connected to the love story loveable of the Oh Dynasty getting the love of the audience for the Jinjinhui character to the brim.
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