The ipil people ♥ cardinal number yeon, on 9th, the non-disclosure marriage.’With the taste ‘ of the taste ‘→’ wife of the love?


All Maeneun the fruit of the actor ipil people appearing on TV shipbuilding variety program ‘the taste of the love’ and cardinal number kite the love The agency case of the ipil people was taken and the entertainment revealed as 8 days “all Ollin the wedding ceremony with the couple opening the ipil people cardinal numbers on the coming ninth the private” “the non-disclosure including the place and time, and etc. concrete”. ‘the taste of the wife’ yes or no on stage appearance is attracting attention along with his marriage news. ‘the taste of the wife’ can watch by the program showing the everyday of the couple as ‘the taste of the love’ and sister program. TV shipbuilding people concerned revealed “philmao Lee was busy due to the preparing wedding” “when there is no to be determined by the step where it is tuning interior”. As to the ipil wool and cardinal number kite, the couple comes in just 5 months to ‘the taste of the love’ meet and develop the love. All Moat this interest which opens the preparing wedding process of 2 people, and etc. from the propose and ‘the taste of the love’ is abundant
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