The Kim Kideok supervision ‘the human, space, and time…’ 1 Bari Yoo film festival opening work selection


The movie ‘the human, space, and time and human’ of the Kim Kideok director was chosen as the twenty ninth time Bari Yoo international Fantastic film festival opening work. ‘the human, space, and time and human’ are the 23rd feature length film of Kim Kideok supervision. When reaching the unknown space while travelling by the warship in which the men of the various age · job groups retire from military service, then this film is the story causing the trouble for the survival. It was lousy, U.S. or etc. appeared with the actor tensor seat, Sunggi Ahn, isomerism ash, Seongbeom Ryu, and Japanese actor order Ri group. As to this work, the formal was invited to the panorama special (Panorama Special) section of the 68 time Berlin international film festival last year. ‘the human, space, and time and human’ unsealing was canceled while the sex scandal suspicion of Kim director became a subject of discussion from MBC ‘PD note’ at March last year. After supervision Gim accused the actress suggesting its own sex scandal suspicion of the innocence tsuspicion but the prosecution got off the being acquitted to the actress and ‘PD note’ production crew on the 2nd of last month. Bari Yoo international Fantastic Film Festival is held come from March 7th to March 10th Hokkaido Japan.
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