‘the legal high’ initial chamber points of interest which Eunsu Suh X true sphere says?


The drama ‘the legal high’ casts foretell ‘measuring the honey’ and TV is visited. JTBC new Geumto drama ‘the legal high’ (the script Sungjin Park · direction Chunghyun Kim) gets rid of today, (8 days) veil. The multiplying factor 100% monster lawyer Taerim Ko which can touch the law ‘A little’ (the true sphere) and sense of justice 100% novice lawyer Seojaein trusting the law ‘only’ (eunsu Suh). The honey in which the true sphere, Eunsu Suh, Yoon foil, Chungahn Chae, and normal Korean translation of Chinese character spreading the delightful activity and age of sixty ash can see ‘the legal high’ through the comic judicial officers realistic scene which is cheerful to do the bloody which the other 2 lawyers spreads so even if it was different more enjoyably was measured, the points of interest was conveyed. True sphere undertaking the super bad boy lawyer Taerim Ko role of the fascination which the multiplying factor 100% is arrogant is dynamic and the scenes which the pleasure is lively are full. It would better regard as the courtroom drama which could be comfortable and which see easily and it told. After that, the determination which “it will promise to offer the change in acting style of the actor true sphere and large-scale smile” the self confidence overflow was added. Eunsu Suh who the lowest rank and sense of justice undertake the station, that is the beginner lawyer library where there is the nature of the high ranking, and who the training institute grade gets to be in confrontation with Taerim Ko Is it really right that it thinks that “‘ you is right? TV viewer everyone told that he thought together when it got to throw a question continuously, “it points out to increase. And” money and define was bumped if any kind of result came out and it watched and he wished to give. It laughs at the points of interest enjoyably and Yoon foil on the fortitude seat station having the ace of the B&G law firm and soft charisma enjoys and the branches making have the idea roll around the lines one by one. If this point over was together brooded, it told to be one ” to enjoy the drama more abundantly. It is the paragraph which becomes curious if the meaningful metabolisms which He points out is what. The democracy Jjeum which Chungahn Chae acts is the character having the brain interest of the B&G law firm and reverse fascination chewed the gum at one time. With respect to this, it introduced. Moreover, it told and ‘original broadcast resolution’ was encouraged. The normal Korean translation of Chinese character was a success at one time. However, it undertook the senior lawyer circular sulcus of insula role of the B&G law firm undergo the pain of now blackout syndrome etc. middle age. The normality Korean translation of Chinese character “it punishes the cheerful satire and vice” told “the smile and satire wishes to be together enjoyed in the episode melting really the reality of in 2019″, saying that they were the one’s strength of ‘the legal high’. ” law court comedy interest measured the age of sixty undertaking the role among the head official it is mysterious salvation of the world of the enormous spec and satire about the time and comment are contained. The meaning that ‘ legal high ‘ tells was pointed out as the points of interest, saying that it was to be not only fun but also felt one. After that, it added to be “one which takes care of the salvation of the world middle without poor one and offers the smile eagerly after long interval”. The expectancy of the comic role of the It is quite true as I have heard that age of sixty ash was raised. The legal high ‘ broadcasts in JTBC today (8 days) Friday at 10:20 p.m. for the first time.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1745021.htm, 2019/02/08 11:50:04]