“the sconce will be significantly gotten” shoe and penal servitude, in 1, the sphere.”The children is sad.


The year 1 was demanded to the shoe (suyeong Yoo ·38) in which the prosecution is getting the charge of habitual gambling. He gets to live in the penal servitude as the member in girl group for the first time if this execution is settled. As to netizen, “the atonement has to be properly gotten” is making the voice against at his news even when being “I am pitiful”. It is him getting the bee but the public blame can not be avoided. The second trial which is held in the afternoon on 7th in Seoul eastern district court was held. This day prosecution demanded the fraudulent gambling the penal servitude year 1 to Hansch in the overseas about 26 times from August, 2016 until May 2018th. The defense counsel of shoe revealed “my fault deeply is regretted in connection with the arraignment fact in the criminal investigation process” “it deeply regrets about arousing criticism due to the determination going wrong of the only box to the haul”. After that, it was not implicated in the case which the child shakes in the aryne age of ” teenager after the entertainment world introduction and had been living faithfully. It had been doing the social service activity and donative activity constantly. This situation was considered and the generous disposition was asked and it told. As to shoe, as to of the day was so really long in the final statement for ” several month. It felt because of the mistake to be once again many and “***” deeply will be regretted and it will reflect more in the future. The sconce which the presiding judge awards decide to be significantly gotten. It aroused criticism and was truly sorry and apologized again. As to netizen, the cynical response is the most on this trial result. Then the man where there is ” child can do what. The Bat the bee ” (cool****) “it will be difficult to realize the taste and rob” (tkfk****) “if it is that about size gambling, it is not, whether” (thug****) “the children are pitiful” (kmc8****) “the mistake edge of the only box will be not and if it is the gambling, it continues” (kkri****) ” one committed a crime the take the responsibility child could keep it was careful in the twice New Year’s greetings than the men there was the childAlthough it increases, the children are so sad, the reaction of ” (pms6****) back is shown. The situation where like this disappointment is big to him He marrying Hyosung Lim from professional basketball player put three kids on the subgenual in 2010 and the happy family was made. This appearance SBS variety program ‘5 It could confirm in MI baby ‘. He is the strong mother. It is the aspects of ‘super mom’ the Boyeojwot Ga as the wife, this news cannot help being the large-scale shock. S.E.S problem cannot be avoided. These succeeding in the recombination with MBC variety program ‘limitless Challenge’ promised the periodic concert opening. It cannot help feeling sorry for the members as him more. Eugene who was being pregnant with the second was misunderstood of shoe at August last year and it was faced with the unexpected situation. Besides, after reuniting S.E.S, activity including the concert, and etc. was notified in advance but the activity of the S.E.S, as to the interim was once again interrupted by his gambling dispute. Like this, the fraudulent gambling of shoe called as the fairy is the impact than this any other time in fact. While shoe for, the fact that it doesn’t repay was clarified in Seoul’s one hotel casino at June last year after borrowing 350 million won, 250 million won from 2 people, his fraudulent gambling fact was known to the world. The prosecution presented the evidence in the first court hearing on the 24th of last month because shoe gambled over 26 times at August last year from 6th. Shoe acknowledged the arraignment fact altogether and it gave an answer “the arraignment was read and the arraignment fact is altogether admitted”.
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