The second pregnancy.” ‘the use Gyu ♥’ is genial14 weeks round and embryo’s name the Dongeu Ri “


When being the baseball player use Gyu wife, then the actor flowing-down went out, ㅇ gave the second pregnancy newses. The writing that it is “the photo put in twelve weeks of pregnancy” was uploaded on 7th Instagram which the flowing-down is born with its own photo leaf which is laughed brightly. The Instagram live broadcasting which the same day flowing-down is born is hosted and ” embryo’s name is round, saying that it is “it is the current pregnancy 14 weeks round”. ‘it is round and loves’ ‘it is round and is you man the woman?’ the one’s eldest son puts to the times recentlyAsk. The gum was in full bloom and the husband dragon Gyu player was introduced. It was on sex “when the sex of the child is done not know in the hospital 16 weeks yet because of informing the sex of the child before” of the second baby and “the daughter bears no relation or the son” the happy mind was expressed. With the netizen hearing the news ” mistake Big win Doheon appears with the brother. ” (stj3****) “it is pretty and is healthy” it congratulates(osat****) Congratulate. Give an easy birth to, the en is really languid with ” (wung****). There is that it is fine and give birth to the fair baby, ” (asm7****) back comment is hung and the wave of the congratulation is sent. Meantime, it was genial but after getting married in 2011, the couple, as to the begetting son did with the use Gyu in 2013. It appeared on SBS variety program ‘5 babies’ in 2106, the chapter use Gyu and son Doheon military and every day was opened.
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