The smallpox nothing luxurious solo debut song ‘the fool (twit)’.’The unique ora ‘


The singer luxurious foretold ‘the luxurious syndrome’ and once. The luxurious agency RBW uploaded the luxurious first solo ‘the fool (twit)’ concept photo on today, (8 days) noon and formal SNS. The luxurious is covering the large plaster bust of the hand geometry the body up with the cloth which is white with the background by the revealed photo. The mysterious inside atmosphere luxurious stares at the camera with the strong eyes and emits the sex appeal. After debutting as the girl group smallpox nothing in 2014, the first solo ‘the fool (twit)’ is announced in 5 years and the luxurious is started into the real solo debut. The tune which as to ‘the fool (twit)’, the toxicity in which the charming tone color of the luxurious peculiarity is well put is strong As much as it was the first soloes putting up its own name, the luxurious included everything of the color of the luxurious according to the agency. In the meantime, open ‘the fool (twit)’ to every kind sound source site on the coming 13th at 6 p.m.
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