The splendid comeback of ‘the initial chamber D-DAY’ Lamy ‘the time lunatic’


While today, (8 days) TvN drama ‘spoiled Young-ae season 17’ is broadcasted, the comeback of the pardise resolution to resign senior member Lamy is looking forward already. As to Lamy, the TvN fire gold series ‘spoiled Young-ae 17’ (the direction one phase ash and script Hanseolhui white pages string Hongbohui) of the appearance on the stage is the domestic longest life season the drama having been receiving the steady love for the time when it is over the year 10 after the first broadcastings in 2007. In this season, the Chemie of the casts making a boast of the teamwork played the variety including ‘the Yugahwaltu pole’ of YoungAe succeeding in the marriage is planning to emit light more. Lamy column in which the Chal Korean A-frame drew the aspects of work colleague as well as in which the feeling is changed constantly joys and sorrows of the working mind which has to take the responsibility for the day and family among these altogether and which evoked every season sympathy and smile joins in this season and it looks forward. It is the pardise resolution to resign senior member this time. However, it is the story of the story which becomes to see the sense of the new faces and turn of life mother putting the puberty son known with the Geuryeo tomorrow one and rather, this expectation is doubled. The season fresh at that time every time with ‘spoiled Young-ae 17’ production presentation on is decided and moreover Lamy seems to be more and more interesting. There is no reason which it will not do, it adds and the loyalty toward the work and affection is expressed. Lamy which melted the unpredictable comedy performance up in the pole naturally and was the human appeal without addtion and subtraction given a favorable reception in the movie ‘this guy of inter-ocular’ through the TvN article talents ‘the weekend user manual’ recently In this season 17, eye and ear of the audience are any kind of activity concentrated if it is the steps. Meantime, the TvN fire gold series ‘spoiled Young-ae 17’ which Lamy column appears is broadcasted at p.m. 11 on 8th.
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