‘the taste of the love’ Choowon Ko and ipil people of the second? … Bomi Kim, actively, ‘love bombs’


Positively TV shipbuilding variety program ‘the taste of the love’ Choowon Ko rained the affection offensive on Bomi Kim. The aspects of the ipil wool that it gets to do with this program till the marriage of is reminded. In ‘the taste of the love’ broadcasted on 7th, Busan date of Choowon Ko Bomi Kim was revealed. The airplane was all of a sudden taken for Bomi Kim living in Busan and Choowon Ko was previously run to Busan. Choowon Ko revealed quite active figure. He asked the next day schedule to Bomi Kim after has been enjoy the wine bar date. Choowon Ko shot question as “the tomorrow appointment is when” “it takes long” “if the appointment can be ended” when Bomi Kim said have the previous engagement. He who burns the taxi and spends after Bomi Kim during “can you end early?”The message was sent and active figure was displayed such as it called when there was no reply, etc. The appointment was canceled and Bomi Kim where there is the next day previous engagement met Choowon Ko. Bomi Kim introduced the twin brother to him. The brother “2 people are really beautiful” the filled with pride micro was formed. The Choowon Ko “one which the first broadcasts went out alone but it goes out to appear with the thin rice gruel Ssi and because of it, it is anxious and the second opinion comes down” revealed the reason why there is in Busan. After that, it was “anyhow, when this (the taste ‘ of ‘ love) has the ripple effect in a certain degree and it doesn’t experience whether it is the surrounding people what kind of reaction and doesn’t know” and He appeared on the article ” the next day in the morning and it rose to the search word and He was anxious. Weren’t you surprised in being good and being not? So, that story wanted to be once done and the inside mind was revealed. While Bomi Kim popped out, the twin brother held in ” (bomi Kim) mind and paid directly to Choowon Ko. As to the Choowon Ko “one where there is this because of like”, ” thin rice gruel Ssi is beautiful. But that is beautiful to become the end. There was the consideration of the opponent and its own mind was frankly revealed.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1744996.htm, 2019/02/08 09:02:13]