‘the working student of the legend’… Baek Chongwon and new menu suggestion in ‘the coffee Friends’?


The study of cooking, as to Baek Chongwon comes ‘the coffee Friends’ out on the part time work on 1st. The cable channel TvN variety program ‘the coffee Friends’ revealed on 8th, “all Ppyeolchin the activity which joins in the part-timer who Baek Chongwon will be 1 and is surprising”. In this day broadcasting, the activity of Baek Chongwon finding ‘the coffee Friends’ before without hesitation is drawn as the request of Yeonseok Yoo and Sonhojun. Receive the apron and rubber glove like the part-timers of the meanwhile and He can face to the sink. It is expected to start into for some timein no time serious look in the dish washing and confused one is expected to arouse the admiration by the operation which is not one by one ordinary. The kitchen is come and is gone after and the flexibility seat and Sonhojun are supported. The new menu is proposed and especially Baek Chongwon seems to captivate the attention in this day broadcasting. While the members challenge the evening business, the shrimp feeling Bath and aglio are just raised to the menu looking good with this, Baek Chongwon recommends the back. ‘baek Chongwon table new menu’ spreading with the beautiful dinner scenery of Jeju Island citrus farm as the scenery is planning to stimulate the appetite of the audiences. The French toast and black colored pig tomato stew which Baek Chongwon initiates prior to the first broadcastings derived the hot response from the customers. The curiosity rises if the new menu proposed this day makes any kind of response. The coffee Friends ‘ is the variety program drawing the story in which Yeonseok Yoo and Sonhojun runs the cafe in one citrus farm of Jeju Island and which contributes the amount of profit the total amount. Be on the air every Friday at 9:10 p.m.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1745036.htm, 2019/02/08 15:25:43]