‘wanna circle → solo’ Geesung Yoon and first independence fan meeting ‘Aside in Seoul’ opening


When being the group wanna circle member, then the solo singer Geesung Yoon holds the life first single fan meeting and it meets with the fans. Geesung Yoon agency LM entertainment, on 8th, “23 with the formal report data, on 24th, the Geesung Yoon single fan meeting ‘2,019 Geesung Yoon 1st FAN MEETING in the Seoul Interpark child market hole: The Aside In Seoul’ was held and it revealed. The ticket reservation progresses in the Interpark, that is the internet reservation site, today (8 days) from 8 p.m. As to Geesung Yoon, the Tokyo in Japan is the Osaka and plan which spreads around the total 7 country 8 city including Bangkok, and etc. on 23rd and keeps Asia fan meeting tour beginning with this Seoul fan meeting with Macao with Taiwan with Singapore with Malaysia on March 2nd on 9th on 15th on 17th on 19th on 21st. This performance looks forward according to the agency with the time when Geesung Yoon was active as the solo singer as the group wanna circle to show the different looks. As it is the seat prepared for the fans sending the profuse love and cheer so far, it communicates more and more near with the fans and Geesung Yoon is planning to present the special recollection. In the meantime, announce the first solo album ‘Aside’ on 20th and come out on the real solo activity.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1745005.htm, 2019/02/08 10:00:38]