Yoo Seung-ho and Taehui Kim · Seo In bureau · this promise and same mess… exclusive contract conclusion


Start the actor Yoo Seung-ho Ga BS company and exclusive contract the powerful curvet from the Maet meantime nest. BS company revealed and finished the exclusive contract with the actor Yoo Seung-ho recently, like this, it told on 8th. Yoo Seung-ho debutted as the child actor in the drama ‘stickleback’ in 2000 and the face was let the public know to the whole country by the movie ‘with the home’ causing the fish or meat boiled in plain water syndrome in 2002. After drama ‘taewang-sasingi’, ‘queen Sondok’, ‘God of the Academic Work’, ‘the flame of the desire’, ‘the multiple unit steerable antenna Dongsu Baek’, ‘sovereign’, ‘the robot is not’ back and movie ‘mind’, ‘4th Period Domain of Detective’, ‘blind’, ‘the magician in Joseon’, ‘sondal Kim’ back quadrupole and modern play, and city till the genre water from the romantic comedyThe pair and genre doesn’t have been being obscured and the true value has been being exhibited in the various works as the actor. Like this, yoo Seung-ho piling the retrocession up with the work activity as the actor steadily is planning to engage the more vigorous activity with BS company. As to bS company people concerned, in order to meet with the publics through the good work honoring the fascination of “it gets to share with Yoo Seung-ho preparing altogether to the acting ability and star quality and is most of all happy and is relieved” ” Yoo Seung-ho more and more, BS company will apply unsparingly. The interest and expectancy which is abundant in the pass of Yoo Seung-ho to take off more and more was asked and it told. Yoo Seung-ho finishing BS company and exclusive contract is planning to review the rest the withdrawal the next product after SBS TV series aired on Mondays and Tuesdays ‘the plurality came back’ end recently. Meantime, the actor Taehui Kim, Seo In bureau, Hahn, Han Chaeyeong, this promise, and etc. BS company belongs.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1745002.htm, 2019/02/08 09:50:00]