♥ use Gyu second gestation ” baby the source of blessing it is genial The Korean won fighting “


The actor flowing-down comes out and the parents of 2 children comes to the baseball player device. As to the netizen “congratulate”, “it will be good if the Korean won got through the hit” is reacting. Its own appearance conveyed the pregnancy news at last seventh its own Instagram “the photo put in 12 weeks” which the flowing-down is born with the contained photo directly, saying that it was this. Presently, it entered the pregnancy 14 weeks round and the embryo’s name of the second baby is round. The netizen is throwing out the celebration message through the Portal site and on-line community on 8th. Congratulate. Congratulate the Korean won fighting ” (muuj****) “. It lives in the ones family with the man who gives an easy birth to, likes ” (asdo****). It makes love. And the best which resembles 2 and which has the age of 2 and which really, really gets off gift may be not. It congratulates, ” (pukr****) “the synchronism which the congratulation use Gyu will have to beat eagerly once again appears” (ksh2****) ” is congratulated. Firstly, the Deut which secondly is the best Give an easy birth to, the Fa contract of ” (pjnz****) ” dad can succeed. The baby can come. The agar is the source of blessing. ” (blue****) ” congratulation. It congratulatesShow the something to the dragon Gyu player this season, the reaction of ” (urba****) back is shown. “the idea that there was no one and the husband (the use Gyu) is waiting for 2 talks was unable to be done” “the Nanwo copy one was not but the deep story of was thought about the second plans to have some time ago. The gum opens the pregnancy news because of being the electric charge” the impression were revealed on 8th TV report which the flowing-down is born and interview. After that, because the first is the son “whether it is the daughter or is the son, I have nothing to do”, even if it is the man, secondly, He is likely to have the number to play well together. The daughter was wanted and the husband told. “moreun does all the brother impression well because of being the husband or I or only” that flowing-down is born that the album is crowded with the children one, yet, the feeling, not, the whole everyone It will concentrate on the antenatal training and will deliver healthily. It thanked congratulating all and added. 2 people getting married in last 2011 held the year 2,013 first the son Doheon military, that is after of 2, in arms. The second pregnancy newses of are given after in 6 years and many these congratulations against are hit. Meantime, it appeared in the drama ‘the brush pharmacy sons’ ‘the Paradise farm’ etc. getting through the flowing-down debutting as the airline company model and the face was let the public know. The use Gyu starts with the LG Twins in 2003 and is playing an active part as the affiliated athlete in Hanwha Eagles since 2013 till now.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1745065.htm, 2019/02/09 00:00:03]