BTS faced to Grammy and ‘the burning sun’ of the victory in which it doesn’t end


Was the tteokguk deliciously eaten? The New Year holidays like the honey was past. The entertainment world didn’t have the chance to be taken a rest in every kind of news to the holidays. There will be the news which it misses in any chances because of sharing with the families after long interval, it will inform. The entertainment of 2 months second weeks gathered the news in one place. The Ing Ttyubeo Yoo Yaewon Yang proclaimed about 100 evil replier ▼ Yaewon Yang Vs evil replier and war the war to the police with the complaint and once. The lawyer of the counsel person of the Yaewon Yang revealed against the international news “about 100 evil replier is planning to be accused of the defamation and insult charge on 7th” on 6th. The lawyer explained and, “the abusive comment giving information came through Email over the thousands building capitals” “the men writing the Moyokseong writing are planning to be accused to SNS (the social relationship network service) or the blog, and etc”. The lawyer of Yaewon Yang said that there was the intention which it forgives by considering conversely if the specified period published the apology statement in which the harmer leaving the internet bullying in relation to this complaint includes the reflection which the sincerity is young in SNS run with the real name. Yaewon Yang that it is every week or plan which accuses the evil repliers successively continuously it leaves the interval every month However, even after this report goes out, the cold reaction toward Yaewon Yang is unchanged. This it is in the center of the issue every day it confesses the studio private shooting case. Can you return to every day that when Jjeum is comfortable? Finally, the concert is held before ▼ triumph and youngest triumph of the joining the army all concert ‘the vacant seat successive occurrence’ big bang join the army. The fans buying the concert in advance said demand the ticket reservation cancellation recently. Come 16 days and 17 days Seoul Olympic Park SK Olympic handball playground is planning to meet the victory in the title that it is ‘seoul which is more the Geureittiseutteu triumph-finals with the triumph first baseman solo tour-‘ with the fans. However, the assault incident happening in the club burning sun in which He ins charge of the director inside company is known and is raised till the moral dispute over responsibility of the victory and the fans are the circumstance where it is canceling the concert ticket advance purchase in succession. The news that the police started on the sexual intercourse image secret examination of man and woman who are assumed to be photographed in the burning sun was among others heard on 8th. The triumph showing its own sense of presence by the variety program and private business so far Can the victory resolve the disappointment of this adverse criticism and fans well? It becomes the Grammy prizewinner primally with the bulletproof Boy Scouts and Korean singer and the proud bulletproof Boy Scouts (BTS member RM, Sugar, battle formation, second hop, Geemin, Bwi, and political situation) goes up Korean singer to U.S.A Grammy awards stage primally. 7 days (under local time) U.S.A Grammy awards (GRAMMY Awards) announced officially it is held on February 10th City of Los Angles in USA Staples center which like this, revealed and which it comes to the official site and SNS channel that bulletproof Boy Scouts attended my the 61st Grammy awards as the prizewinner. The bulletproof Boy Scouts is the first time and this meaning is added that Korean singer climbs the Grammy awards stage. The bulletproof Boy Scouts is planning to set out as the prizewinner between the reel cya KARA who is the successive generations Grammy awards prize winner (Alessia Cara), John mayor (John Mayer), and Me with the artists who the trainer (Meghan Trainor) back is international. It looks forward to attend the red carpet event prior to the awards ceremony The surprising pass of the global idol bulletproof Boy Scouts is planning to continue this year. The year 1 was demanded to the shoe (suyeong Yoo ·38) in which the sphere prosecution is getting the charge of habitual gambling in 1 with ▼ ‘fraudulent gambling’ shoe and penal servitude. He gets to live in the penal servitude as the member in girl group for the first time if this sphere is connected to the pronouncement. The second trial of shoe opened in the afternoon and Seoul eastern district court at last seventh. This day prosecution demanded the fraudulent gambling the penal servitude year 1 to Hansch in the overseas about 26 times from August, 2016 until May 2018th. The defense counsel of shoe was bright “my fault deeply is regretted in connection with the arraignment fact in the criminal investigation process” “it deeply regrets about arousing criticism due to the determination going wrong of the only box to the haul”. After that, it was not implicated in the case which the child shakes in the young age of ” teenager after the entertainment world introduction and had been living faithfully. It had been doing the social service activity and donative activity constantly. This circumstance was considered and the generous disposition was asked and the adequate management was earnestly asked. As to shoe, as to of the day was so really long in the final statement for ” several month. It felt because of the mistake to be once again many and “***” deeply will be regretted and it will reflect more in the future. The sconce which the presiding judge awards decide to be significantly gotten. It aroused criticism and was truly sorry and apologized again.
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