‘surprisingly’ the popularity is seen in ‘chamsea Jeon’ Park Sunggwang manager Im eulogy and hometown Chang-won


The cute aspect and charisma is equipped and ‘the chick manager’ Im eulogy of the comedian Park Sunggwang shows colorful every day in the hometown. MBC variety program ‘the battery time of interference’ opened the steel of the chick manager visiting the Changwon in Gyeongsangnam-do before the broadcasting of 5 minutes 40 times p.m. 11 on 9th. It went to the revealed steel of the surely alike chick manager and one’s real younger brother at one time and was contained. While the Park Sunggwang went to the jungle due to the schedule, the chick manager hit against the vacation and visited the hometown and was reunited with the one’s real younger brother. The one’s real younger brother captivated the eyes with the appearance which appears on the program and which it looks like the sister and pure fascination previously. The one’s real younger brother took care that it hired the gift to be asked the grandmother and the chick manager visited the department store. One subjected to the flood of camera flashes of Changwon citizen in one body was half-witted and the manager got until the request for ‘the Sel car’ and the popularity was realized. This brother is this rumor that it said as “the popular person it is the popular person” and was the popularity of the sister proud. In addition, it changed into Sparta driving assistant teacher from the driving for the Seottul one’s younger brother. He spread the driving lecture which was proud of the driving capability which was easy and graceful and skilled unlike the past repeatedly make the mistake with the unripe driving skill and the charisma overflows. ‘the battery time of interference’ observes the secret everyday which was given information of and the star didn’t know the difficulty to is unable to do the unit of measure of the who is the nearest-neighbor managers of the entertainers. It is the variety program discovering the hiding fascination of the star. 2 ja Jeon Hyeonmoo Songeun sleeps for Sehyeong Yang having disease and the back appears.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1745103.htm, 2019/02/09 14:17:21]