‘the hand holding together warmly’… ipil people ♥ cardinal number kite, today, (9 days) marriage


In the variety program ‘the taste of the love’, the actor ipil people (45) and Italian restaurant administrator cardinal number kite Ssi (31) developing the love turned on the painted candles. As to the ipil people and Seo, ㅇ raised the private wedding ceremony from the Grand Hyatt Seoul to the Yongsan gu Sowol in the afternoon on 9th. As to 2 people, it became the sweetheart actually after starting the virtual love in the general programming channels TV shipbuilding ‘the taste of the love’ at September last year. In ‘the taste of the love’, the preparing wedding process of 2 people was on the air. There was no to be determined by the step where it is tuning with ” (the program yes or no on stage appearance of 2 people it gets married) intrinsic, the program people concerned revealed. As to the end of last year ipil people, the opening to the public proposed to Seo after the musical performance which I am appearing. Seo was the design specialist and presently, ran the restaurant.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1745114.htm, 2019/02/09 17:19:59]