‘the legal high’ · ‘the act your daughter 17’ and starting… first audience rating of the good condition?


‘the legal high’ ‘spoiled Young-ae 17’ captivated the attention of the viewer and the gallant departure was informed before, as to of 3.3 % (under whole country · charge platform furniture standard) and cable channel TvN new the Friday drama ‘ the first the broadcasted general programming channels JTBC new the Geumto drama ‘the legal high’ is ill-bred according to 9 days TV rating research firm Nielsen Korea the day before at 11 p.m. Eating Young-ae 17 ‘ (under ‘ act your daughter 17’) recorded 2.6% audience rating. The legal high ‘the multiplying factor 100% lawyer Taerim Ko (the true sphere) with the Japanese drama of the same name the original, and law’ ‘so called, it is cheerful it is brutal of the believe sense of justice 100% rudiments lawyer Seojaein (eunsu Suh)’ is the comic judicial officers realistic scene ‘. The day before first broadcasting delivered the smile to TV as the biting remark in which Taerim Ko betrays Oh and opened the cheerful gunport. There is the favorable comment. However, it is the succeeding work of ‘the sky Castle’ bringing the syndrome class popularity. ‘it is a pity’ is the opinion prominent with the expectation for the original remake, and etc. There is the nickname that it is the Young-ae ‘with the 17th story’ mom YoungAe season 1′ which the act your daughter 17 ‘the domestic longest life season the drama’ is impolite. The YoungAe (hyunsuk Kim) which rings and has been making the audiences laugh came back to ‘the working mind’ and two rounds of life into was gone. The day before first broadcast started from the country gone down along the husband Seongjun (the person giving this life) with the story of the YoungAe (hyunsuk Kim) suffering from the frequent pressure childcare. After that, the new pardise was bought and the story of the members was drawn. The expectancy was raised to YoungAe to come back to the pardise corp. and development which these will spread. The favorable comment of ‘it is pleased’ ‘also it is interesting’ back pours into the story new of ‘the act your daughter’ which stimulates the consensus of the viewer and suppressed laughter and which it keeps till the season 17. All Badat the great interest 2 dramas occupy 1 Portal site real time searching Eo and the second first broadcasting the next day in the morning It has the shape that it puts the eye contact authentically. The outcome gets attention if 2 dramas which exhibit severely the sense of presence and which it leaves drag any kind of reaction of the viewer in the future.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1745096.htm, 2019/02/09 11:07:24]