‘the sky Castle’ sequel to the story… Suhhyeong Kim · Oh Dynasty ‘the know brother’ scramble


The leading role Suhhyeong Kim of the Mon drama ‘the sky Castle’ and Oh Dynasty donates ‘the syndrome class’ popularity to ‘the know brother’ and the drama sequel to the story is opened. The artistic talent is boasted. Suhhyeong Kim and Oh Dynasty appears in the general programming channels JTBC variety program ‘the know brother’ broadcasted p.m. 9 on 9th. All Ppyeolchyeot the activity which the disintegration, as to 2 people have a lot as the sky Castle resident Jinjinhui character having the entrance examine coordinator Kim Ju-Young and lively personality in ‘the sky Castle’ ended at last first As to the dramatic deployment on 2 character, there is no scene appearing together. In spite of 2 people have never never meet in ‘the know brother’ video recording proceeding recently after the script reading for the shooting of TV show, it is the rumor that it showed the perfect partnership like the between meeting frequently. All Kkeureot the excel artistic talent which the luxury goods acting ability ‘ is no less the attention Especially the artistic talent unlike other people of hidden Suhhyeong Kim was ‘the know brother’ members and Oh Dynasty surprised at Kim Ju-Young character the charisma overflowing. The laughter which is big for the unique dance number was and made. The experience which the Oh Dynasty is active as the undergraduate years cheerleader of was made use and the powerful fry reading was spread. 2 people shared the organization chat room episode of ‘the sky Castle’ actors. The actors are these messages that they had the talk about the audience rating in the association chat room so far and shared the photograph, and etc. which the audience parodies and tramped the team work. Moreover, Seo Jang-hun mentioned the content that it was dressed up as Kim Ju-Young teacher and it was ‘the know brother’ members happy. The actor Chunga Yum watching ‘the know brother’ informed this fact to the association chat room with ㅇ. The broadcasting was thanks to this watched. Was done, I could win it confessed and Suhhyeong Kim seeing the make-up of Seo Jang-hun burst the whole assembly out laughing. In addition, the drama sequel to the story, ad-lib, and etc. of were robbed and the attention was captivated. Moreover, the special guest appeared surprisingly and did to be everyone surprised. Really any kind of story is spread in this broadcast, whether the curiosity rises if the special guest is the someone.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1745105.htm, 2019/02/09 15:44:59]