Till BTS and stage in the Grammy? “it says do and Grammy to is gone”


Yes 7 days (the displaying visual angle) ‘U.S.A Grammy award’ (GRAMMY Awards) is opened in the official site and SNS channel in the City of Los Angles in USA Staples center on the coming 10th like this, it reveals the eyes is the topic the news that the Idol group bulletproof Boy Scouts attends in U.S.A greatest music awards ceremony ‘the 61 time Grammy award’ is heard. The bulletproof Boy Scouts attended U.S. award as the prizewinner. The bulletproof Boy Scouts is the first time that Korean singer climbs the Grammy award stage. Therefore, the netizen is showing the expected reactoin. Only the Ganeun outlet the Grammy some netizens say install The proud work which is recorded in the history of the Grammy and world pop to the bulletproof Boy Scouts to AMI (the bulletproof Boy Scouts fan club) in the history of the South Korean music Yours flight at can be looked, it is appreciated. It will be together in all days to, the heart is all overflowed and ” (eudo****) ” I am nervous. Our sons Do well and come. The bulletproof Boy Scouts is valuable to me as the husband and son. It will watch in Korea. The humanity your song the mind is loved, it is really great saying that it is ” (bigb****) ” the bulletproof Boy Scouts Grammy clothes. The next album is more expected and the pass to is increasingly expected. It will root always, ” (mh40****) etc. comment was hung. It is the bulletproof Boy Scouts attending previously ‘the Billboard music award (Billboard Music Awards, BBMA)’ ‘the American music award (American Music Awards, AMA)’. Therefore, the reaction that the further pass is more expected is rolled. As to the netizens, go up to front of “it became so that it could go because Grammy wanted to advance. It will be good if the Top1,001 Wi of was taken care in 2019″ (nsy0****) ” more highly. The history of the bulletproof Boy Scouts ” (cona****) ” the bulletproof Boy Scouts will be forever ‘ing ‘ (present progressive) in 2019, next, the year, next, the year. The bulletproof Boy Scouts which it roots forever, is considerable(sjan****) the etc. Comment is hung and the bulletproof Boy Scouts is cheered. Meantime, the rumor that the bulletproof Boy Scouts can open the stage in ‘the Grammy award’ goes around in some people and the expectancy of the fans is aroused. 8 days (korea’s point of view) Canada broadcastig station Citytv show-host said in the broadcast “so far, ‘ Grammy award ‘ had been showing the stage surprisingly every time. It proceeded much with the col Labo which it is unable to expect” “it gets to expect continuously if the bulletproof Boy Scouts isn’t arranging the stage”.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1745074.htm, 2019/02/09 00:00:03]