Debut as ‘Eondeonaintin’ conducting salt 1… the last 9 person wonder court lady.


Nine people of ‘Eondeonaintin’ final made debut as the wonder court lady, the live broadcasting finals contest of 18 people of ‘the spare rock’ was spread in MBC variety program ‘Eondeonaintin’ broadcasted with 9 with the day afternoon. Nine people of final debut was decided. Mutti Woo was unable to rise to the finals contest with the individual condition. 18 people of preliminary stone opened the gunport of the finals contest in this day broadcasting with the performance part theme song ‘the, completely, (We are young)’. After that, the group A managing in the conducting salt Chinsung Chung Seahyun Kim Sungwon Park Gimjun with the Lee Sang-Min number run Songbyeonghui Seayeong Park, and etc. suffered the black suit and the sex appeal was emitted and ‘it is the same as the magic’ stage was decorated. The white suite was worn and the Daendi 한 charisma was shown off and the group B consisting of the back giving the diversion Ha Taewoo Kim Iseunghwan Ttaekhyun Chung kicks the rookie Yeongwon Kim this admiration heterologous source pear string who decorated ‘sting the sort’ stageThe letter of the supporters and video mail of the parents were revealed. All Heullyeot the tear of the report of deep emotion 18 people of preliminary stone the video mail And the video mail was sent to the parents. Nine people of final debut was covered by the prior online poll and summation of the live broadcasting letters vote. As to the first, the concentration castle occupied the conducting salt and the second. Ttaekhyun Chung diversion Ha Sungwon Park Iseunghwan Gimjun west kicking Taewoo Kim rookie succeeded the later time. The conducting salt thanks the supporters who root and love lacking I in this way you after 1 presentation. The parents who roots whatever I install can thank and love. It will recompense for the nicer stage and the impression was revealed. These debut group names was decided by ‘the wonder court lady (1THE9)’. It is the meaning that it is 9 preliminary stone which one becomes as surprising 9 boys and idol. As to the debut album title song of the wonder court lady and producing, the crush playing an active part in ‘Eondeonaintin’ as the vocalist director is in charge.
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