‘it is pretty’…’The gangway ‘ Hwayeong Lim and innocence elegance U.S. divergence


The atmosphere which is intelligent even when the actor Hwayeong Lim was pure and innocent was emitted. Hwayeong Lim attended in the cable channel opened in the Reumereudiang Seoul hotel by the Seoul Gangnam-ku Bongeunsa OCN new Saturday drama ‘gangway’ production presentation on the 31st of last month afternoon. This day Hwayeong Lim wore A line white jacket one-piece and appeared. Even when the button decoration and large-scale pearl earings was neat, the elegant feel was added. In addition, it wore and the beauty of leg lines was embossed. The gorgeous smile and greeting gesture was the good-looking appeal doubled. ‘gangway’ in which Hwayeong Lim takes an active part is ‘the hard-boiled trace thriller’ drama drawn the details of people anchor Woohyun Kang (this paper weight) which is caught by the trap which it cannot know shocking. Hwayeong Lim was resentful in the drama with the profiler Yoonsuh the soul expected much character of Seoul main office. The gangway ‘ was broadcasted p.m. 10 on 9th 20 minute.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1745071.htm, 2019/02/10 00:00:02]