The reason why it is hot from the first broadcasting ‘gangway’ and beginning


It is having the strong acting ability of the actor this paper weight and Sung Dongil and favorable comment of the audience toward the finely woven story continuously while OCN Deuramittik cinema ‘gangway’ (the direction shucked shellfish mistake and script Namsanguk) is broadcasted in the afternoon on 9th. In the first broadcast ‘hunters’ chapter, the talk of the Woohyun Kang (this paper weight) which lost the wife and son and is caught by the trap of the human hunting was on the air. As to story, as to of the tension was from the first time full. Woohyun Kang was due to save the wife and child from the building burn and after getting out of the building, it is due to tell “we faced the hunting”. The injury was serious. It was unable to talk properly and had to communicate through the notebook. He made an effort in order to state the accident situation at that time among this Wa. Woohyun Kang was the person get the trust of the whole nation called the minor phase all ‘the nation anchor’. It was the man having all ones till the here beautiful wife and son all cute. It had the wedding anniversary and that He got to go for the family trip and when the downpour gets off, then it gets to enter the suspicious mountain villa. Soon after this, the Sanang gamble (sunghyeok)s which greeted these kindly and which the master Yoon (kyonghoh Yoo) who is the mountain villa owner sat on the table pop out. However, any kind of moment son Seawoo Kang disappears. The son is found before and Woohyun Kang and Yeonsu Shin noticing this through is gotten. However, it is missing till the wife Yeonsu Shin. Woohyun Kang whom it returns again to the mountain villa browbeats to the mountain villa owner. However, it is assaulted so that it can become and “the human hunting will be started” listens to the shocking word. If the master Yoon gets angry once more, he decreases the map of the place where there is the son and wife to Woohyun Kang and appears the son neck will be Tta. To find one people among 2, it went and “to the hunters who it does, are dissimilar when seizing the leg which Woohyun Kang gets hurt and leaving” (woohyun Kang) were left now and it informed. Woohyun Kang stepped upon the son in advance. After all, as to Woohyun Kang, who stated this kind of truth and who the anxiety disorder gets more serious this day fallen from the building. And while the conch soup (the Sung Dongil) got to scent the investigation of this case, the hectic development was shown from the initial. Eye and ear of the viewer are concentrated in the next story of ‘gangway’ get the reaction which is hot in the development like the storm and composition of story strong.
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