The Shim Geehoh and ‘the superman came back’ paternal affection… the daughter similar shape 99%


It greeted the audience with the new superman dad, the actor Shim Geehoh, as to the past highteen star Shim Geehoh donated to ‘the superman came back’ at KBS 2TV ‘the superman came back’ broadcasted with 10 with the day afternoon. He introduced the son auricle inside and daughter Leeel Shim looking exactly like me in this day broadcasting. As to Shim Geehoh, gotten Leeel Shim resembled 99% me. Only, it is crazy about eaten one to be anxious. The Jal ink-stick was really increased and the chattiness was shaken. All Haet the after that is ” first son IAN end from 10 months which The word, really, the Jal 한 everyone The interest was rolled and the clever son of was made a boast. All Kkeureot the attention it takes mention the misunderstanding that it is the single against was much hit the Shim Geehoh gets married by the non-disclosure and ” I decide to+say to get married by the non-disclosure and He says don’t know whether the men were the father of the child. It was misunderstood by the uncle and it was the father of 2 children and I told the reason why it took care of the children and determines the performance.
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