The sick story lost the elder brother and it emigrates with… family and U.S.A when buying the Songjun core and 7.


The past which the comedian Songjun core went for the emigration to U.S.A pain was revealed. In the KBS1 variety program ‘TV puts the love’ re-broadcasted on 10th, the talk of the Songjun core was on the air. The Songjun core revealed that it appeared in the broadcasting in order to restore the friend who is this day middle school classmate. All Yeoreot He restores the friend on reason “when there was a lot of the man who I know that be the only child son and there was the brother in fact” which the mouth it difficultAfter that, the brother was left for the accident of ” suddenness and it had to send. The mother had trouble very, “***” (in that reason) imine to was gone at this time and the mother and I got to come back to Korea again and I told. The childhood Songjun core made an excursion to the valley with the families. It played with 2 years old hero, 9 years old brother and the pleasant time was spent during. However, the moss on was stepped and it slid down and the brother was in the water and in conclusion, died of the heart attack. As to the Songjun core, the interest of the mother and love was felt like the obsession after losing ” brother. The friend which is the windpipe opened in this time was directly this friend and it added. The love is put and TV is broadcasted every Friday at 7:40 p.m.
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