The story which ‘the drizzle bird’ Chinyeong Hong and Chongcook Kim mother laughs


In ‘hateful our cub’, the talk which boasts the cooking skill in which the singer Chinyeong Hong comes close to the Dae jang geum in SBS variety program ‘hateful our cub’ which Chinyeong Hong and unlike other people gala day of Sonyeong Hong sister are revealed, is broadcasted with 10 with the day afternoon and sets up the birthday table of the sister directly is planning to be on the air. This day Chinyeong Hong was subjected to the interest of the mothers in one body. Especially, Chongcook Kim mother was unable to take eyes off the takes off in the look which is happy at the cooked appearance of Chinyeong Hong and smiled. But because of being the look which it is unable to laugh brightly, actually who is the birthday hero Sonyeong Hong is arousing Sonyeong Hong curiosity. The secret special (?) was realize hidden in the recipe of Chinyeong Hong. The story which doesn’t really laugh at Sonyeong Hong the Mueoeul Ji is opened in this broadcasting. It was poor at Chinyeong Hong in this situation to discover the food in which the sister ate in the refrigerator and which it leaves and suppress the anger. The aspects of 2 people which bickered till the birthday and boasts ‘chemie’ of the reality sister induced the burst of laughter. In the meantime, the special customers came in order to congratulate the birthday. But it is the rumor that the ends which “then the sister dies” back is brutal entered Oh high school at the birthday party to be cheerful. The behaving carelessly birthday episode of Jamae Hong can confirm in 5 minute ‘hateful our cub’s today 10 day at 9 o’clock at night.
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