‘the Vt Kkollagenpaekteu’ and famous reason? … the bulletproof Boy Scouts


The Vt Kkollagenpaekteu is the topic between the netizen. The bulletproof Boy Scouts gets through with the commercial model recently and the hotter popularity is attracted with the Cosmetic in which the actor Eunhye Park turning the collagen pack promotes and which informs the name through ‘eunhye Park pact’ and there is. The bulletproof Boy Scouts set out as ‘the Vt black collagen pact limited edition Rose edition’ product released at the holiday limited edition model recently. As to ‘the Vt Kkollagenpaekteu’ of the cosmetics brand VT Cosmetic, it was known excel that collagen, and etc. were included with the Hairollaijeudeu collagen and soluble collagen and Ahr rim with the feature to express the skin where there is the nutritional feeling and it could feel the uniform skin appearance and moisture feel.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1745139.htm, 2019/02/10 12:12:26]