Till the style of writing Chinese characters → space · HyenaThe correlation of SKY Castle ‘ and web drama


The common denominator of ‘SKY Castle’ child’s part is the web drama. While continuously the next product of the actor Kim Bora appearing in the ending popular drama JTBC ‘SKY Castle’ at last first and SF9 Chanhui is decided as the web drama, the novelty career appeared on the web drama in the past is known and the Gimhye gloss gotten the love of the whole nation as ‘our style of writing Chinese characters’ is becoming a hot issue. It examined in the correlation special between the child’s part honoring ‘SKY Castle’ and the web drama. ◆ the actor Kim Bora appearing as the Hye or role on the Kim Bora and ‘the Hiki Komori seen the honor student → ghost’ ‘SKY Castle’ selected the web drama ‘the ear Cinderella’ as the next product. The life time manufacture web drama ‘the ear Cinderella’ is the behaving carelessly ghost romance story which gets wider while the Min which gets to stay the interior of a room loner (the Kim Bora opposite) and strange man ghost (the heterologous source opposite) visiting her meets after which becomes to see the ghost. While the ghost begins to be seen from the age of 18 among the pole, the hero Aro Min who gets to stay the interior of a room circumstance of a single is planning to be resentful, 1 for is entered the first shootings among the month and the Kim Bora is planning to be revealed in the life time YouTube channel on the coming 14th. ◆ it is appearing on the web drama ‘the love done as your taste’ which the Chanhui and ‘our space loves all’ group SF9 member and actor chan is white. ‘the love done as your taste’ likens the love story from 20 shot man and woman to the food and cooking course and has been loosening with the food web drama handling the romance of the youths which ‘the love done as your taste’ feels hungry for the love. It becomes the popularity other gloss group having the appearance and warm personality feeling sweet among the pole which the chan is white and the hot rolling is performed. As been felt from the name, the gloss group is ‘the milk south’ of the charisma which is affectionate and feels sweet. The mature character having the pain in the drama ‘signal’ and ‘SKY Castle’ back which the chan is white in the inner surface mainly of was played a role so far and the love of the peer which it is fit for my age be expected to be shown in ‘the love done as your taste’. The drama can meet every week month through orle Tv mobile and YouTube channel bamboo forest TV Wednesday morning at 10 o’clock. ◆ The Gimhye gloss and female prisoner junior before ‘ my melody? In ”SKY Castle ‘, the actor Gimhye gloss undertaking the style of writing Chinese characters role is donated in the past web drama ‘ battery occasion one sided love time 2’. The Gimhye gloss televised in 2016 and passed over 130 million views and played the popularity a role of the freshman Hye gloss like the fox love the hero good friend in the web drama ‘2 battery time of one sided love’, that is Eodeot. The attracting takes care of the good friend among the pole and positively the Hye gloss tries and the Gimhye gloss shows the sense of presence through this character with the character of the looks that is cheeky but loveable. The battery time of one sided love 2′ is realistic one sided love talk looking at 4 it loves in vain man and women on the battery timely point.
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