#Afterwind# The change which the diversity and BTS… is bold (synthesis)


This year, the Grammy Awards (Grammy Award, 2019)s were the same as the music festival which broke from the reception of the activity of the female artist and 100 people putting firsts and emphasizes the atmosphere getting younger they were various. It was aware of these eyes pointing out the water retention of the Grammy so far, as if the changes of the Grammy was exceptive. It is the paragraph which the effort of the host which is trying to take continuously the title that it is ‘the music awards ceremony of the best in the world’ is completely revealed. 61. the Grammy Awards was opened in 10 days (under local time) California United States Los Angeles Staples center by the society of Risya Ael kiss for 4 hours. As to Grammy, as to of the activity of the female artist was poisonousness protuberant this year. It cut out, the MI, and etc. went up Casey Meoseu graves and Lady Gaga beginning with Risya Ael kiss taking care of the progress of the awards ceremony for the major part prize winner to the stage and the glory was enjoyed. The celebration stage splendid of the Ellisyakkiseu kiss taking care of the progress and prize winner Lady Gaga and appearance on the stage of micelle Obama, that is the first baseman ready, were the point in which it empowers ‘afterwind’. Figure which presents the trophy to do ‘Cool’ to the prize winner refusing the participation revealed Grammy. Neoldeu Do global who is the black artist refused the attendance. However, it was pointed out as the prize winner in the song of the best music video and this year, and etc. The strong acceptance speech of the black prize winner was attracted attention. In the best rap song section, drake taking the trophy told “when it is very happy at last because it seems that the recognition is gotten from Grammy” and got many these applauses. Previously, Drake declared that it will be absent from the Grammy Awards. However, previously, Drake reversed this and appeared and rose to the stage. The man of god of this year was 2 I reaper. The reaper rising to the stage with tears in their eyes thanks really. It was the honor, it was special and “***” all men told the impressions by one that the candidate came to me between the considerable women artist there was the worth in which it will realize this dream. The aspects of the bulletproof Boy Scouts (BTS) risen to the stage with Korean singer first and Grammy prizewinner stole a glance at the other aspects of Grammy. 7 boys breaking out at Orient to the Staples center which is full of Caucasian and black climbed the stage grandiosely and the spotlight was caught. The leader RM of this day bulletproof Boy Scouts will stop again at this stage, the leader RM of this day bulletproof Boy Scouts conveyed of small but sturdy build impressions and did firmly and the sense of presence of the group once. Meantime, the cross the USA record art science academy the Grammy award which is held in U.S.A started on the record excellent of for 1 year and superior record which selected the album and which it presents in 1959. Sisanghanda it is extended over the Chong 43 section including superior record · album · Gesang · singer · arrangement · recording · jacket design, and etc. the Grammy award which is comparable to the Academy Award of the movie puts together the pop (the popular music) and classicUnder is the 61 time Grammy award main prize winner (work) list. The record of this year: The album of Neoldeu Do global ‘This Is America’ this year: The song of Casey Meoseu graves this year: Neoldeu Do global ‘This Is America’ best new artist: 2 child reaper best pop solo performance: Lady Gaga best pop duo/group performance: The pop vocalist to hang Lady Gaga and Bradley copper ‘Shallow’ best Tteure disher out: The wiley Nelson best pop vocalist album: The aria or the Grande best rhythm and blues album: H.E. R.the best country album: The Casey Meoseu graves best rap song: The Drake ‘God‘s Plan’ best rap album: The producer of the Cady no this year: The Farrel Williams
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1745219.htm, 2019/02/11 14:01:32]