Ahn Jae-ook and license suspension. After the drunk driving exposure”it is shy and is dishonorable”


The actor Ahn Jae-ook aroused criticism with the drunk driving. Ahn Jae-ook agency revealed on 11th, “it had the banquet in the lodging side restaurant with the colleague after finishing on 9th night and local schedule which Ahn Jae-ook is over” “although enough rest had to be taken after returning to the lodging, while heading for Seoul in the morning on 10th, it was caught by the drunk driving control and the license suspension was received”. After that, “ahn Jae-ook and agency are fully realize the responsibility of the excuse without room” “it causes anxiety and the sorry heart cannot be hidden and the scandal which absolutely it will shouldn’t do is caused and it is the mind which is very shameful and is shameful” the head were drooped. It told on fixed “the way that damage doesn’t go to the utmost upon many person working together will be prepared and it will discuss rapidly” decided afterward. Meantime, it was the presence schedule but as to Ahn Jae-ook, the yesterday (10 days) video recording was cancelled by KBS variety program ‘the problem son of the rooftop house’ video recording. It informed ‘the problem son of the rooftop house’ pity “the video recording was withdrawn but it is no problem in this week broadcasting”.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1745180.htm, 2019/02/11 10:14:40]