‘extreme Job’ 10 million breakthrough contributor this west wind and artistic talent explosion in ‘the drizzle bird’


The artistic talent of the heroine this west wind emitted light while the movie ‘extreme Job’ passed over 1,200. This west wind divided the appearance on the stage and Seo Jang-hun and skill at talking into the special guest to SBS article talents ‘the not luck our cub’ broadcasted on 10th. In this day broadcasting, the Seo Jang-hun “the style in which the years old of this west wind sticks well” took mention. It responded “so, when surely it exercises a day 2 hour Ssik”, saying that this west wind was “the style of which the appetite explodes” this. This west wind and Seo Jang-hun has the relation appeared on MBC variety program ‘1 daughter, 4 son’ in the past. If it was constant and the physique became larger more and more, “this west wind it told” ” (of this west wind) face gave one month, Seo Jang-hun could proceed and to Seo Jang-hun and it answered comically. He admitted “if when it gets to eat continuously, it collapses and there is no answer”. This west wind revealed the story turning ‘extreme Job’ actors and gas and ㅇ made the panels laugh. The time like was looked, the ja could not avoid nearly the physiological phenomenon that it lived together continuously, it comes naturally for the movie shooting from the script reading. Meantime, the audience of 12.176014 million standards was mobilized on 10th and ‘extreme Job’ which Lee Byung-hun supervision makes formed the record of the first ’10 million movies’s in 2019. Ryu Seongryong ferryboat Gyu Idonghwi, and etc. was in charge of the leading role including this west wind and the spectator reaching about five-fold of the break-even point was mobilized. The break-even point is 2.47 million people.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1745162.htm, 2019/02/11 00:08:02]