“in a long time, in a long time” TV deludes with the general purport Korean translation of Chinese character X Jin Se kite and ‘item’ (synthesis)


“it is TV first show after comeback ‘ item ‘ this of in a long time.”MBC new persimmon TV series ‘item’ (the script Chung · direction Gimseonguk) production presentation opened in the Seoul City Mapo-gu Sangam-dong MBC new building p.m. 2 on 11th. All Nanwot the story about the art the Gimseonguk PD and actor general purport in charge of direction Korean translation of Chinese character, battle formation Se kite, Kangwoo Kim, Yoori Kim, Wonsang Park, and five Buddhist doctrine Korean translation of Chinese character which attends in this day production presentation ‘item’ is the first show after comeback interest in which the general purport Korean translation of Chinese character comes back to TV in 4 years and modern play drama in which the battle formation Se kite makes a challenge in 4 years. The mystery chase fantasy put the story of the it surrounds the things having the special supernatural powers it takes care of the valuable man eagerly plot and which prosecutor authority that it has been digging up the secret (the general purport Korean translation of Chinese character) and profiler shoot the soul (the battle formation Se kite)The general purport Korean translation of Chinese character appeared in ‘- causality kite along with the god’ (the supervision Yunghwa Kim) recording the number of spectator which opens previously last year and which 1.2 million people are over selects ‘item’ as TV first show after comeback and the attention is turned off from the televising of drama. The general purport Korean translation of Chinese character was revealed in ‘item’ appearance on the stage reason in this “it was attracted by the story which the man lives and selected than the work scale”. In conclusion, that ‘ side dish after that, the general purport Korean translation of Chinese character has a lot of the street that there is a lot of “when seeing the script at first time, it wondered if the talk of this about size was realized in the tv drama. It got to be more attracted by the talk of each of each character than this size doing the meeting with the director” ” VFX (Visual Effects) effect’it was the story which the man lives and the principal story was said.’It is not only the general purport Korean translation of Chinese character to be sweet and come around the qualifier that it is in a long time ‘. The battle formation Se kite “‘ item ‘ is the modern play shot in 4 years” gain recognition for the acting ability as MBC drama ‘in prison’ (2016) and TV Joseon drama ‘draw the big army-love’ back quadrupole water previously “when shooting, the quadrupole tone almost come out in spite of oneself and it had been awkward” the chattiness were shaken. The battle formation Se yeon which unlike the Ganyeorin appearance it is resentful as the profiler shoot the soul of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency metropolitan investigation team possessing the cold judgment which it doesn’t blink one eye in the horrible scene of a crime and ability excel The profiler is the job dealt in many drama and movies so far. Therefore, the profiler is concealing the pain undergone in ” past and dig the battle formation Se kite with the difference, saying that it is “if figure in which the profiler characters of the meanwhile were typically cold and which is cool-headed was displayed, it is the human character who is Soyeong”. The general purport it was the leak place and explained, fits the acting breathing about same work after the year 2012 SBS TV show ‘ five fingers ‘ Korean translation of Chinese character and which ‘ item ‘ in which the battle formation Se kite is in charge of the starring Hot rolling which moreover is strong with Kangwoo Kim and this glass was notified in advance besides 2 people and the expectation toward the first broadcastings was raised. All Yeoreot Kangwoo Kim whom it is resentful as the absolute evil socio pass tax sulfur when being the enterpriser who the next generation is young among the pole “when parking from the first time in the person explanation and being described ‘ socio pass ‘ and doing well, then it will be the principal, it wanted and was burdensome” the mouth After that, kangwoo Kim is likely to like the acting, that is “however, the subject matter called the socio pass had been being used in many movie and dramas so far. The pressure that they have to play a role of the surely differentiated socio pass character decided to be removed” ” conventional, in one’s own way it is typical. The impressive socio pass of will be played a role and the promise was shown through. This glass, moreover, it explained “there is the warm side and the number to feel the human direction is the women”, saying that it was “one which it was not together because of because of playing much role of the female characters who is the so far cold illustration” this. The meterial which can be obvious that it is ‘item’ having the supernatural powers There am no I who make 16 stories “CG, saying that the Gimseonguk producer who holds up this meterial and catches the megaphone up to is “the story which each characters hold and drama in which the minds add up and which it makes the inflection points of the story” lastly. We wanted to make to convey the talk which we are trying to install and sympathize with the audiences and I was hinted. The item ‘ broadcasts today, (11 days) at 10 p.m. for the first time.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1745257.htm, 2019/02/11 16:38:30]