It incurs with DK and foot ladder.


It made together debut with ” F X, M black, and beast. The ballad singer who as to idol, making debut ㄴ soaked the popularity at the similar time, however, made debut at that time? It disappears and there is no 8 people among 10 people. The singer DK (the one’s real name one large scream) debutted as the male duo December (DK and Yoonhyeok) into the world of singers in 2009. It got the attention by the vocalist ability which is solid with the debut at that time and the prize was much so much gotten. However, the popularity of December was unable to advance to how much in the suddenly change pop market. Nevertheless, this brave foot ladder dreams once again of ‘the Ballard palmy days’. December was left and DK transferred to the new agency last year. And 8th met him who was like this debut on the coming 16th and is putting the first solo album presentation on the right under one’s nose directly. The hiphop and idol market is trying to share together once again the goal of small but sturdy build of DK that it would like to be loved to the public by the ballad song with the current occupy the world of singers most. His who publishes the candidacy to be new due to the solo singer DK in December one’s first venture at peddling is the new single ‘fabrication’. ‘fabrication’ revealed in every kind sound source site on the coming 16th is the tune maximizing the charming voice of DK. It was the other name lie of the love and word which seems to be grandiose but as it brooded, the pain of the shabby love was expressed with the delicate housekeeping. Start the solo activity as the single album. The regular album where there is the recording song was not. However, the year 1 got straight through the time preparing the new album. It took care of the part which it details so much and it worked. So, it can open more confidently to the front of fan. DK introducing the album as the lively appearance This comeback has the large-scale meaning to him in fact. Entirely one tune has to be filled with the voice of DK. So, it says be simultaneously tense with the expectancy. Because Deullyeo can ask the people love DK to the new album news, it loved December it is very happy. The album is put out and the singer is active, and is not distant from the fans. At the same time, as much as the self-support is made for the first time, there is a lot of the difficult part. Neverthless, it is happy in the Jeom that it can open fully the song which I wanted to be heard so far. It was the year 10 since it made debut. However, in order to participate with the attitude which It becomes the man of god, it is trying. The aspiration of DK can be highly value. However, it is the quite difficult work that lives in the front-runner Korea of the fact K POP market in the suddenly change world of singers trend as the foot ladder. It is regarded as ‘the song which the old installs’. Ballard is the fact as the publics that regarded as the nonmainstream and discriminated against the hip-hop genre in the past to become that powerless existence. It is much picking on the sky to the several Atis frame is excepted, survive Korean pop market as the foot ladder. DK nods within head in this kind of story. In ” Korea, the ballad singer is taking hold of the sword ‘ of ‘ double-bladed. Enter U.S.A Billboard homepage frequently and see the chart. It enters and examines, the peculiar part is noticeable to the eyes. It is one that ‘the country genre’ is separately classified in Billboard. Of course, the difference got much through the music market in the Billboard and Korea. However, one making the category for the listener listening the country constantly was the amazing thing to me. On the other hand, it is the difficult to it is not included in the music chart, play the men my music work that lives as Korean ballad singer. DK that nevertheless it would like to get ‘the popular popularity’ with the ballad singer It is the meaning that it is so much confident to the album this time. It is my dream to play the concert in ” Kyung hee university peace of the palace. It will be the hapiness which is the biggest as the singer to sing around the like that wide stage. It will be the start which it grows the one-stage. It regarded as ‘this year is the really important year’ in 2017 in 2018. However, the year 2,019 will lock my all ones and the best will be run out. My song will be truly given.
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