Kim Soo-mi and ‘the grace of Empress’ special guest appearance Soonoak Kim writer ‘relation’


The actor Kim Soo-mi does the special guest appearance in SBS TV drama on Wednesdays and Thursdays ‘the grace of Empress’ which is run toward the last. ‘the grace of Empress’ (the script steam Sun precious stone and direction Dongmin Choo) revealed on 11th, “kim Soo-mi comes forward for the drama as the special guest appearance”. This appearance on the stage was accomplished with the relation which Kim Soo-mi appears on the previous work ‘the flesh, there is the sister’ of Soonoak Kim writer. Kim Soo-mi is planning to appear as the gentleman opposite related to the island lead degrees of the secret which the Empress Dowager (the god’s blessing Jjeum) had hidden so far in this week broadcast installment. By appearance of gentleman, shake with the fear. Furthermore, the name called gentleman is discussed as the man who absolutely the Empress Dowager and Ttimjang Choi (this water lily) and conversation halfway and lead don’t sell the land at the best location and the curiosity is raised whether 2 people are any kind of relation. The production crew said “the schedule is busy. Still, the thank of is given Kim Soo-mi engaging without hesitation in the special guest appearance” “kim Soo-mi was the short appearance. However, the field was twined with the unique ora which the comparison is impossible”. As to ‘the grace of Empress’, number of every week is broadcasted thursday afternoon at 10 o’clock.
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