Nine Muses and dismantling.” only the year 9The discussion end decision and cheer request “


Nine Muses in girl group announces the good bye single and the activity of for 9 years is finished. All Nine Muses agency star empire announces “for a long time sedate to conclude the activity of group after discussing, the headquarters of a party and Nine Muses members guide to the proprietary including the contract period expiration, and etc” 14 days the last digital single ‘Remember’ with formal report data on 11th. The formal activity was finished and it revealed. After that, tell to everyone who is the bad luck which loves Nine Muses members and Nine Muses showing the looks as the best artist for the term that it is about 9 years constantly “2,010 year from August 12th so far and which it roots of the thank. The break up group was announced officially, saying that the support which is abundant in the fresh start of Nine Muses members was asked, it was in the future. Therefore, nine Muses making debut marks the period this last digital single ‘Remember’ on the basis of to the activity of group between year 9s finally. ‘ love CT the year 2010 debut album ‘Let’ S Have A Party ‘title song’ No PlayBoy ‘nine Muses debutting into the world of singers’ the ticket (Ticket) ‘ the news (News)’ ‘ the Dolseu (Dolls)’ ‘ the wildness (Wild)’ ‘ the drama (DRAMA)’ ‘ is gotten hurt it is the schedule to share the fans and say goodbye into the fan meeting ‘Remember’ which is held in one vocal chords Naksan pipe after on 24th(LOVE CITY) ‘ etc. was announced and the world of singers activity was kept. Meantime, nine Muses announces the noon good bye single ‘Remember’ on the coming 14th. The last fan meeting is held on 24th.
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