‘the debut with the sol’ Geesung Yoon and ‘Aside’ track list opening to the public.’The room (room) hundred (hundred) ‘


The preparation in which the singer Geesung Yoon will be again born in the solo singer was finished. Geesung Yoon agency LM entertainment opened the solo album ‘the Aside’ track list to 0 carring out system SNS on 11th. As to the track list, there is ‘the room’ of the warm sensibility and ‘the hundreds’ 2 kind version. ‘CLOVER’ ‘it laughs and’ ‘why I am not, whether’ ‘you like the wind’ ‘pause’ back total 6 tune was contained on the album including the title song ‘In the Rain’. ‘the stage aside’ and ‘it is always your chapter’, that is the lines which only is heard from the play to the audience, is planning to show the looks of in which it grows more and more the Geesung Yoon at another solo musician Ro through the abbreviation of ‘Always on your side’ of the sense with the time when ‘Aside’ was active as the group wanna circle. The title song ‘In the Rain’ showed the feeling greeting the farewell without the preparation with love this with the pop ballad genre in which the orchestra melody gets joined together with the sensitive melody sincerely. Besides, the self-composed music ‘pause’ which the Idaehwi shared the joys and sorrows together gives present was collected. Meantime, geesung Yoon announces the first solo album ‘Aside’ on the coming 20th. It starts into the title song ‘In the Rain’ into the real solo activity.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1745184.htm, 2019/02/11 10:36:00]