‘the implication half sympathy half and smile, much’… were properly gone through.


12 million is ‘extreme Job’ where there is before 13 million breakthroughs after glad 10 million now. The movie ‘gift from Room 7’ (12.811206 million people) was broken and it rose to the first place of successive generations comedy performance and eight Wi of successive generations box office. On the 23rd of last month, solder 한 ‘extreme Job’ is the comic investigation pole putting the story which gets wider while ‘the narcotic chicken’ which five Ibnang of narcotic team of the disorganizational crisis founds the stomach for the criminal syndicate sweeping gets to follow instantly the word of mouth with the good restaurant. ‘twenty’ Lee Byung-hun supervision made. The synergy where the Ryu Seongryong this west wind ferryboat Gyu Idonghwi resonance lamp is explosive was caused. For the smile which the movie awards, the theater was outward connected and the word in fashion of “as to so far, this taste, when there was no” the back was made. The actual sale of the movie center ‘gahlbee Wang whole chicken’ was derived. The reason for popularity of ‘extreme Job’ run the infinite on the performance highway is pointed out. ◆ it is the planning intention of Lee Byung-hun director catching Lee Byung-hun director patent ‘the implication comedy’ “the confidently funny legitimacy comedy movie wanted to be made” megaphone up to. The Lee, Yi Gamdok has been make the audiences ㅇ laugh with the peculiar humorous metabolism caused the thing through ‘twenty’ (2014) ‘the wind wind’ (2017) back at last. It is the Lee, Yi Gamdok has been spread the talent on ‘speedy Scandal’ (2008) ‘sseoni’ (2011) ‘the today’s love’ (2014) ‘rossler’ (2017) for the movie which the smile is externally full with the participation and direction. It seems to make up mind in order to be funny from first to last. The smile is ceaselessly given in the metabolism sticky of the characters like the mob to the serious establishment that it is the narcotic team and it gives by the delightful pleasure as the inversion true identity of each character and action. As to so far, this taste, there was no. This rib approval whole chicken approval Is it one which does the chicken restaurant in order to it is Suwon king ribs whole chicken, catch ” criminal up to. Is it one which catches the criminal up to order to do the chicken restaurant, it know that be ” special selection for framing and fishing village students. The men don’t laugh at the lines which jump out so that the personality of the situation of the back drama and each character can mesh together, it cannot endure? ◆ the activity ‘extreme Job’ of ‘chunman 新 fairy’ Ryu Seongryong is the comedy movie gathering ‘the audience only the stuff’ come out after ‘gift from Room 7’ in 6 years. There is 2 movie heart common-point. It is directly Ryu Seongryong. The true value was properly exhibited with the current movie and Ryu Seongryong who there was no performance and kite restored ‘box-office star’ title in how long with ‘the beam painter’ ‘tortion’ ‘the night of in 7’ back Korean mattress. ‘extreme Job’ caught the center of the drama as well as the disintegration characters as the narcotic team burnt alum Jang character and Ryu Seongryong did the grain of the movie center smile with the deceitful comic role radiantly. As to He, the stuff meets over audience including the before ‘extreme Job’ and ‘gift from Room 7’ in ‘the man who It becomes the mine pollution and king’ (2012 and about 12.3 million audience) and ‘conviviality’ (2014 and about 17.6 million audience). ◆ it is ‘extreme Job’ infusing the excitement into the slump Korean movie world from ‘reality’ and ‘formation of sympathy’ end of last year which is spread on the pole overall. ‘formation of sympathy’ is selected as the large-scale factor in which this film passes through the mind of the audiences. The ear the detectives in narcotic team goes ‘the nation snack’ chicken out for the investigation from the pole to the intermediation. Banjang Ko uses the retirement allowance in the course where it rushes into the chicken restaurant establishment. We every day and skilled element is spread on the pole overall till the small talk of the wife pouring to Banjang Ko always pushed in the promotion. The metabolisms of the pithy epigram take the peak of the consensus penetration. Even when the metabolism called “you don’t know small merchants and industrialists well but see. We risk life and limb originally all” inspires under the circumstances smile of the pole, the metabolism are the straw Eo my heart the difficult reality of small merchants and industrialists asleep.
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