The Kim Bora and Sidus HQ and contract expiration.’The new nest


The contract of the actor Kim Bora and current agency was expired. The Kim Bora agency SidusHQ (under ‘ Sidus HQ’) revealed on 11th, “the Kim Bora and contract was expired” and added “it is vigilant to inform of the point of time of time when it is accurately expired”. After that, it explained about the new agency looking for after the contract expiration of the Kim Bora to be “the position which is difficult to tell the detail yet”. As to previously, the daily sports, sidus HQ and contract was expired and the Kim Bora reported the newborn management and contract as the final container Yul middle on 11th. Meantime, it was poor in ended JTBC drama ‘SKY Castle’ at last first but the Kim Bora gained recognition for the disintegration acting ability as of small but sturdy build high-school girl Hyena. It is the expecting to apperace with the next product on the web drama ‘the ear Cinderella’.
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