The Kim I nectocyst legitimacy quadrupole comes. The hatch ‘ points of interest 4


The legitimacy quadrupole visits TV after long interval. SBS TV series aired on Mondays and Tuesdays ‘hatch’, as to the production crew in person of real ability and actors crumpled with this hero. As there was no legitimacy quadrupole drama which it goes in how long and which says be like that recently, the interest is high if ‘Wellmade’ work comes one more to ‘hatch’. This art is the cheerful adventure story which confronts (this management) which it tears down the head mingin of the Noron party so that the Munjejeok prince Yeoning Gun gold dust (ilwoo Chung) that It cannot become the king can join hands with the Sahun Department (royal prosecution body) hairiness filter paper (the Koh Ara) and hot blood examinee Moonsu Park (kwonyul) and It can become the king and wins the presidency. Yungseok Lee PD producing ‘iljimae’ ‘the secret of the village-Achiara’ etc. and Leeyeong Kim author writing ‘dispersion’ ‘jar’ ‘hemp clothes’ met. Four audition point of ‘hatch’ in which it received the high interest after the discharge from military service of the actor Ilwoo Chung with the first show after comeback and which was pointed out. ◆ the quadrupole ‘hatch’ believed of Leeyeong Kim writer connected by ‘dispersion’ ‘jar’ ‘hemp clothes’ ‘hatch’ is the new work of Leeyeong Kim writer leading the domestic quadrupole heyday to ‘dispersion’ ‘jar’ ‘hemp clothes’ in 2019. The steam writer dealt the Joseon Dynasty professional including Dohwaseo of ‘dispersion’, command circle of ‘jar’, Hyeminseo of ‘hemp clothes’, and etc. previously. The interest is concentrated if any kind of people are comprised of ‘hatch’ as much as He deals the collision of convictions of the respectively different people with the character living the subjective life every the work so that there can be the density. ◆ the meterial the Joseon Dynasty ‘sahun Department (royal prosecution body)’ is fresh 0 adolescene ‘hatch’ which dealt the adolescene of the Joseon Dynasty Sahun Department (royal prosecution body) which has never been properly handled and the 21st the king Yeong-jo as the state subject matter so far. The steam writer told “it got to be fascinated in the part that there is a lot of the branch which is similar to Public Prosecutor’s Office today and thought when the chance to look back on the present would become through one scene of the Joseon Dynasty history and it have the interest”, saying that he was “the initial point of the story to the Joseon Dynasty Sahun Department (royal prosecution body) ‘ hatch ‘” this. After that, it was attracted by the reformation policy “0 achieve the early days of the administration. It thought because it was not different now even if the days was different and it thought in being to presently, give suggestions, it told that it was special. The steam author explained as “the achieve the wi in which the man Yeong-jo succeeding to the blood of the adjutant which the world despised was considered along with the friends it was impossible delightful story”. ◆ the friendship and romance connected by (park Korean translation of Chinese character) bitten the Yeoning Gun gold dust (ilwoo Chung), filter paper (the Koh Ara), Moonsu Park (kwonyul), and month at the friendship of the Munjejeok prince that It cannot become the king for the romance ‘hatch’ forms the central axis and the get excited fun is added. Especially the journey difficult of the gold dust is planning to start under the course where It becomes the absolute monarch who the prince which is born in the body of the humble adjutant leads the renaissance of Joseon. In this process, the curiosity is raised if how the romance which meets by the opposite poles identity called the prince in which the gold dust and filter paper is humble and Sahun Department (royal prosecution body) hairiness and jumps over this is made. Moreover, how the king maker which gets to share the friendship which is stickier than the brother sharing the same blood with the gold dust and stands him with the king of Joseon takes an active part, whether the Ppyeol paints magnetism interest the top-hinged swinging door is any kind of activity concentrated in the king of the distance on the strong backing support helping from behind of the gold dust later. ◆ the legitimacy quadrupole ‘hatch’ met after long interval is the legitimacy quadrupole which TV meets after long interval. The story which the line of the intense legitimacy quadrupole including the throne fight of (this management) torn down the mingin that Sae drops me along with the Yeoning Gun gold dust 4 Ibnang and opposition and opened around the Noron party force peat which it acts the trickery and gold dust and wheat manner (the gate nature), and etc. is thick is planning to captivate each time viewer. ‘hatch’ weaves the imagination and mounting on the historical fact including the Noron party which is stronger than the royal authority and gold dust which jumps over the humble identity and in which It becomes the new king of Joseon, friendship of the friends helping that him and love, and etc. finely. The production crew “the legitimacy quadrupole in which the audiences ‘ hatch ‘ were thirsty” told “same mind and same intention come to the actor and staffs in order to meet the hot expectancy of the fans and to are taking a picture eagerly”. As to ‘hatch’, today, (11 days) is broadcasted at 10 o’clock p.m. for the first time.
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