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‘ Deo favorite: The woman ‘ of the queen accomplished the main 7 section maximum reception splendid achievement in the 72 time British Academy Awards with ㅇ. The movie ‘ Deo favorite: The woman ‘ (the supervision Yoreu Goss Ran flaw mos) of the queen revealed 11 days “it was awarded in the main 7 section including the British cinema award for best picture, best original screenplay, best actress award, best supporting actress award, and etc. in the 72 time British Academy Awards which is held in 10 days (local time) royal Albert hall”. The expectancy rises in U.S.A Academy Awards whether to win award to approach to this. ‘ Deo favorite which the maximum is altogether nominated in the dozen section in this awards ceremony: The best original screenplay (bora De Davis and Tony McNamara), best actress award (the Ollivier Coleman), best supporting actress award (rachel wise), fine art dealer (ohna Pee chrome ratio and Ellis Ppeltteun), award of best costume (powell it leaks), and make up prize (dia Na Tteleesea Seu) back the woman ‘ of the queen conquered 7 sections including the British cinema award for best picture altogether. The movie connected the reception march in the film festival of the flowing water including the Venice International Film Festival, golden glove, Kkeurittikseu choice, and etc. previously. In the movie circles of the world, british Academy Awards leads to the stage predicting U.S.A Academy Awards result. This film sweeping till British Academy Awards attracts if the 91 time American Academy Awards records any kind of receptionMore, the favorite: The woman ‘ of the queen is the movie drawn the story of 2 women who don’t cover the means and way in order to get the favor of the queen having the absolute power. It is the new work of the Yoreu Goss Ran flaw mos director sweeping the 70 time Canne Film Festival best original screenplay with the 68 time Canne Film Festival examiner prize and ‘the killing deer’ with ‘deo lobster’. Here, the disintegration hot rolling was spread to the queen Aen who Emma Stone and Rachel wise holds the absolute power, be the desire maid father crab heel, and nobility Sara Herbert Spencer character to. Moreover, nicholas Hoult plays an active part as the rolling party member Robert Halley character longing for the power. More, the favorite: The woman ‘ of the queen is having the domestic unsealing a period ahead on the coming 21st.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1745221.htm, 2019/02/11 14:05:48]