‘the psychometry this guy’ Kim Byeongsu PD and Chinyeong Park · Sinyeeun ‘the first impressions’ confession


‘the psychometry this guy’ Kim Byeongsu PD foretold the synergy with the rookies including Chinyeong Park Sinyeeun, and etc. The cable channel TvN new TV series aired on Mondays and Tuesdays ‘the psychometry this guy’ opened the drama behind story which the Kim Byeongsu producer reveals on 11th. It is the drama which it draws the psychometry this guy ‘IAN which has the psychometry power reading the secret of the Jaeen Yoon hiding the secret in the one’s mind (sinyeeun) and relative (chinyeong Park), so called’ supernatural powers romance reeler ‘. All Bahyeot the Kim Byeongsu PD “when it was expected if the heavy atmosphere which is felt from the ability called ‘ psychometry ‘ and troublemaker image which was light and cute that it is ‘ this guy ‘ got joined together as any kind of type” the direction meter He shows previously the sensitive direction through the drama ‘nine’ ‘the man of Inhyun Sovereign Lady’ back. The curiosity is attracted if any kind of delicate direction is spread to this drama to be come and gone the pungent suspense and fascination cheerful. Moreover, the fascination of bouncing chubbily “it approached very interestingly to IAN of ‘ psychometry this guy ‘ be the capability which is unable to be refined at all” the character was guessed. The group Gasebeun member and actor Chinyeong Park (IAN opposite) and expectancy about the meeting of the actor Sinyeeun (jaeen Yoon opposite) etc. rookies were expressed. The Kim Byeongsu PD had been doing the child’s part acting for a long time and ” Chinyeong Park is the actor that has been piling up the location as the actor calmly as much as the Kim Byeongsu PD plays role of the starring in the movie. The appearance which there was no lines, it digests the emotion performance into the expression in the previous work ‘snow flurries’ till the part which has to be the sun incredibly was impressive and especially the trust was expressed. The character of the dark atmosphere was much and considered so far but it was sure to be one that boy image which was lively and cute looks good. Elementarily doing the sincerity which it does best for every matter the bright tendency if the manners was seen, the idea the view is good called actor got and it added. After that, seuttaji ” Sinyeeun is the actor arousing the curiosity with the web drama ‘ eighteen ‘ to the teenagers to the production crew whose the age is high in fact. But his meeting during the first meetings mask matched just with Jaeen Yoon character and at the moment when seeing for the first time, the possibility was felt. In what type of word can you express? The feel came indeed. So, the lively casting sequel to the story was conveyed the actor ” which met many times and makes efforts more. In addition, it is the friend in which the endowed frame is good-looking and which has the stability toward the acting. The character and performing actor steam volume (the adult Sungmao Kang opposite) Kim everyone it judged it was suitable Byeonggyu Cho is holding together the rebellious feel and image soft as to Dasom Kim, Sungmao Kang who the passion for the acting is really young among most, “***” pole is the role that the part which it has to deliver with the look and feel is many compared with Sungmao Kang who the adult isThe praise about the cotton (the silver water stop band) Byeonggyu Cho (young Sungmao Kang opposite) was not saved against. Coming March 11th 9:30 p.m. is broadcasted to the man ‘ subsequent where It becomes the psychometry this guy ‘***’ king.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1745204.htm, 2019/02/11 11:55:17]