The warm drama…’ which the severe cold melts awayIt is dazzling.


It attends JTBC TV series aired on Mondays and Tuesdays ‘it is dazzling’ production presentation which (from the left) which it inspires the actor Namjuhyeok and Hahn, Han Geemin, Seokyoon Kim director, Kim Hye Ja, Kim Gaeun, and hand Lake opens in the afternoon on 11th Seoul Yeouido Conrad hotel Seoul and it is striking a pose. There is in the woman who is unable to try all the given time and loses and man who throws by oneself the moment which is brilliant than someone against and lives the spiritless life and same time to be glaring but the eye is broadcasted to the time secession romance drama of 2 man and women living a life of the mutually different time at the evening on 11th.
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