“this eyes and first love”… Maittin Yoobean Song-AOA Kwon civilians the sweet eye contact


Stimulate the faint sensibility of ‘the loss time life’ Yoobean Song and Kwon Min agar first love. The special project drama ‘ loss time life which UMAX (Umanx) makes: The last chance ‘ (the scenario Iinhye and supervision Im) production crew revealed more the eye contact of feeling sweet the pure youth Yoobean Song and lovely first love Kwon civilians. The revealed photo heart Yoobean Song is resting chin hand with two hands and is looking silently at the Kwon Min Arles in the sweet look. The civilians, Yoobean Song at siting face to face is stared with the also quiet attention. It is conveyed from the aspects of 2 people which looks in the beautiful night view than the star as the glittered pupil and is unable to take eyes off the takes off to be ardent. With facing Kwon civilians Arles which leans the head and lies down in the table and lying down the different photo center Yoobean Song is putting the appearance of Kwon civilians in the binocular. These date cells which the aspects of 2 people of in which it is known to throb the anticipation which the heart beats and first love sees is stimulated. The leading unit ace Yoogeon Kim and fledgeling Korean teacher Sochin Yoo role which the Yoobean Song and Kwon Min are well known was undertaken. It stuck like the glutinous rice cake but the adolescence came and it became far naturally and 2 meets again by the student and teacher such as the quenchless keeps the yugeon with the toy flatware sister of the yugeon lived the next door when being young, etc. The curiosity is aroused if how the romance of which is pure and clear and cool 2 people in which the childhood relation is connected like the fate and which getting back together again is drawn and there is. The sensibility romance fantasy which as to ‘the loss time life’, these having the death ahead with the unexpected accident are given over time of two wins from the afterlife referees, observes how they live for the last opportunity of the life. UHD and HD same time is broadcasted through come 13 days and 14 day at 11 o’clock at night UMAX and MBN.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1745186.htm, 2019/02/11 10:46:31]