Two days than U.S., in advance,…The captain marble ‘, on March 6th, the first unsealing in the domestic


First ‘the captain marble’ opening the gunport of MCU (the marble kinematic model universe) found the South Korean audience in the whole world, 11 days Walt Disney Company Korea was opened on March 6th Republic of Korea which ‘the captain marble’ (ryan fleck the director child makes) comes with the first in the world in 2019. Open same month on 8th following two days in North America. The captain marble ‘ is the first marble studio art put the story in which the pilot carol Dan bus (the Brie Larson) losing the memory meets Schild personnel Nick fury (samuel L Jackson) and which is reborn as the last hope captain marble of the Eobenjyeoseu. ‘ Eobenjyeoseu which the captain Mabeul meets the global audience last year: Stand ‘the existence was known. Come April is opened’ avenger until cry Infinity: It attracts to do the function as bridge moving toward the talk of the end game ‘ and there is. This day movie introduced the training image of the star Brie Larson changing into the captain marble. The training procedure including the strengthening of physical strength of the Brie Larson, fight, fighter plane control, and etc. into can be peeped in the image. The resentful Brie Larson participated in the training with the captain marble, that is the last wish of the Eobenjyeoseu which it is at a crisis, when being the next generation hero of the marble prior to the shooting for 9 months. The Brie Larson speaking as “very, the glory it gets to join in MCU” put the exercise item which the boxing, kickboxing, induction, wrestling, and Jitsu Choo Deung are various together and trained for the state on 5th a day 2~4 hour. The effort made or the director “‘ captain marble ‘ was very important to Brie to learn the law fighting because of the story about the journey in which it finds by oneself before” revealed the object of the training and the merits was handed out to the training and severe Brie Larson accomplishing the acting. In the training image, the training and scene showing the pilot carol Dan bus character was contained. LA air force base was actually visited and the fighter plane control was learned and the Brie Larson and production crew took a picture.
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