‘wanna circle ♥’…’The recent condition which the Gift from Room 7 ‘ Gal wish is cute


The recent condition achieving ‘fan loyalty’ of ‘gift from Room 7’ actor Gal wish captivates the eyes. The Gal wish mother published the picture which the Gal wish and project group wanna circle member river Daniels and Woochin Park put together at Instagram on the 28th of last month. The Gal wish watched wanna circle last concert ‘2,019 wanna circle concert der pore’ which is held in Seoul Kocheok sky-dome last month. It remembered that “the today wanna circle last concert last day from was come back” ” Sae Ron sister is the wish bivalent wanna circle fan and the mother showed the concert purposely in this way. The friend seven days which is the wish was invited and the hand was seized and the concert was joyfully together enjoyed and it came and explained. Leave the river Daniels brother in love and brother and photograph leaf Ssik made Park mistake Thank you It added as everyone ” to love. In addition, the hash tag was left. The Gal wish played an active part in the movie ‘gift from Room 7’ which opened in 2013 and which it gathers the stuff the audience as the example multiplication character and got the public love.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1745272.htm, 2019/02/11 17:43:33]