· TXT · tray there be (ITZY)Take off the one’s younger brother ‘ tag.


The title that it is ‘of the second’ ‘the brother group’ has to be erased now. It is the story of the famous entertainment belonged groups having the formal debut departure for the front ahead. It shouldn’t be content with the halo of the senior in the year 2,019 world of singers in which the rookies who the personality overflows and who combine the strong ability overflow. It gathered in of small but sturdy build new groups throwing hat now just now towards the object higher than the senior group. ◆ all Badat the interest from the debut (ITZY) is soaked as 1 ‘the Tteuwaiseu brother group’ there is ‘Jump over Tteuwaiseu’ man of god girl group (ITZY) there isDebut is notified in advance if there is the new group in 2019 and JYP entertainment which ejects the girl group WonderGirls, Miss A, and Tteuwaiseu so far and which it is developed into ‘the girl group reputable family’ is trying to spend the history of K the pop girl group and once newly. The domestic portal site search word ranking higher rank of was taken possession with the group name and member configuration presentation from the formal debut to be. It rose to the real time searching Eo 1 Wi in Japan Portal site. U.S.A media Billboard “JYP announced the new girl group ITZY” the member was introduced according to the agency. The first place of worldwide SNS channel Twitter world trend was occupied to be. Meantime, today, (12 days) opens the recording song of the title song ‘it asks to be different’ and debut digital single album ‘IT’ Z Different’ to every kind sound source site at 6 p.m. to be and the formal makes debut. ◆ the formal debut date was not decided but TXT and ‘jump over the bulletproof Boy Scouts’ tomorrow bi together (under TXT) becomes a hot issue with ‘the bulletproof Boy Scouts brother group’ already. Continuously the introduction film and photo and Kkweseu churning film was opened from last eleventh and TXT transmitted FRB in the group, law, Tae string, and fascination of the Hyuningka 5 people the member individuals which was bright and which it is the number vacant along with the healthy image. As to the formal SNS channel, 1.25 million twitter formal account follower, 950,000 member account, and instar gram passed over 1.88 million people with the opening simultaneously. The Hyuningka law and Kkweseu churning film of FRB it is 49 million cases and number revealed from last 28th vacant exceeds 8 million cases and youTube accumulation hit of the introduction film is coming into the spotlight as the great rookie to spread the activity which is the hottest in the domestic and overseas this year. The in this way high interest toward TXT called 1 ‘the bulletproof bottom of the water’ seems to get the influence from the popularity of the senior group bulletproof Boy Scouts. The interest of the fan toward the first junior group TXT of the bulletproof Boy Scouts attending previously as the prizewinner after ‘the Billboard music award (Billboard Music Awards, BBMA)’ and ‘the American music award (American Music Awards, AMA)’ reception until ‘the Grammy award’ (Grammy Award) is already hot. ◆the tray, which it gives the member suffering with 10 beginning with the day the tray (TREI) having the tray and ‘jump over EXID’ 19 day formal debut ahead is ‘EXID younger brother group’ and which is opening the whole member concept photo through the Gimjun Tae successively at last eighth, the debut album ‘BORN; The Vaughn ‘ timetable was opened and the debut countdown was seriously started. In 16 days and 17 days, the teaser video of 2 volumes is opened and the highlight medley is opened on 18th and the expectation is planning to be raised. The debut one person transmits the debut showcase field live through V live on 19th. The team in which all the members exhibits the singer song writer ability including the writing the lyrics, composition, producing, and etc. from the formal debut and which the tray is coming into the spotlight as Changhyun Chae whom it gives the suffering and rookie 3 group composed of the Gimjun Tae The debut showcase ticket sale with is proceeded through the melon ticket and it starts the real working with the debut album selling by advance beginning with the debut showcase on 8th on the coming 19th.
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